Huawei Outsmarts US Chip Ban? Report Claims Breakthrough Chip Made with US Technology - News - NewsHuawei Outsmarts US Chip Ban? Report Claims Breakthrough Chip Made with US Technology - News - News

Title: Huawei’s Surprising Success in Developing a More Powerful Chip for Mate 60 Pro Amidst US Restrictions: A Closer Look into the Role of US Companies and SMIC

Despite the stringent US restrictions on supplying advanced chip technology to China, Huawei has managed to push the boundaries of innovation and develop a more powerful chip for its Mate 60 Pro smartphone. According to recent reports from Bloomberg, this technological feat was achieved with the help of US companies Applied Materials and Lam Research, whose technology was reportedly utilized by Huawei’s chip manufacturing partner, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), to create a 7-nanometer chip.

Although not the most advanced chip in the market, this development marks an important milestone for Huawei as it surpasses what the US had intended for its competitor in the ongoing chip war. This revelation comes shortly after a previous Bloomberg report from October 2023, which mentioned SMIC’s use of technology from Dutch company ASML for another advanced Huawei chip.

It is crucial to note that SMIC reportedly acquired the US technology before the US Department of Commerce imposed a ban in October 2022. This ban restricted US companies from supplying advanced chipmaking equipment and chips to Chinese firms. Further US restrictions in November 2022 prohibited the approval of equipment sales to Huawei and other Chinese companies, citing national Website security concerns.

Despite the ongoing US restrictions, Huawei has enjoyed strong initial demand for its Mate 60 series in the first six weeks of 2024. During this period, Apple’s iPhone sales in China dropped significantly by 24% year-over-year, while overall smartphone sales in China fell by a considerable 7%.

Huawei’s ability to create a more powerful chip using technology from US companies raises several questions about the effectiveness of US restrictions on preventing advanced chip technology from reaching Chinese firms. While the US Commerce Department has yet to find evidence of SMIC mass-producing these advanced chips, the success of Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro in the market is a clear indication of their technological prowess.

In summary, despite US restrictions on advanced chip technology exports to China, Huawei has managed to develop a more powerful chip for its Mate 60 Pro smartphone using technology from US companies. This achievement is a testament to Huawei’s innovation and resilience, as well as the complexities of enforcing technology export restrictions in today’s interconnected world.

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