Dareu launches A980Pro and A980ProMax 8K gaming mice with 0.85-inch TFT color display in China - News - NewsDareu launches A980Pro and A980ProMax 8K gaming mice with 0.85-inch TFT color display in China - News - News

Title: Introducing the Dareu A980Pro and A980ProMax: Two New Wireless Gaming Mice with Advanced Features and Versatile Connectivity

Dareu, a leading Chinese manufacturer of gaming peripherals, has recently unveiled two new keyboards gaming mice – the A980Pro and A980ProMax. These innovative devices, now available in the Chinese market, are designed to cater to the needs of avid gamers with their advanced features and versatile connectivity options. In this article, we will delve deeper into the specifications, key differences, pricing, and availability of these two keyboards gaming mice from Dareu.

Both the A980Pro and A980ProMax are equipped with P3395 optical sensors, which boast a maximum DPI (dots per inch) of 26000, an impressive 650 IPS (inches per second) tracking speed, and a maximum acceleration of 50G. Moreover, they come with Kailh GM 8.0 Black Mamba micro switches that promise a lifespan of an astounding 80 million clicks.

These mice offer users three connectivity modes: wired, NearLink keyboards, and Bluetooth 5.1. Impressively, they can pair with up to three devices simultaneously. The NearLink keyboards technology developed by Huawei is renowned for its ultra-low keyboards of approximately 1ms and an impressive polling rate of up to 4000Hz in keyboards mode and a remarkable 8000Hz in wired mode.

Key Differences:
While both mice share many similarities, the primary difference lies with the A980ProMax. This advanced gaming mouse features a 0.85-inch TFT color display screen that enables gamers to monitor essential information, such as battery indicators and static or dynamic images. Additionally, the A980ProMax’s screen can be used to switch DPI/polling rate settings and other functions. Other noticeable distinctions include a metal scroll wheel, a larger battery capacity of 930mAh (compared to the A980Pro’s 500mAh), and the absence of fast charging for the A980ProMax.

Construction and Power Efficiency:
Both gaming mice are made from magnesium alloy, which is renowned for its lighter weight, increased density, and enhanced durability compared to traditional materials. Moreover, they incorporate Dareu’s innovative energy-saving keyboards technology that enables the A980Pro to last up to 70 hours in NearLink mode and an impressive 130 hours in Bluetooth mode (the A980ProMax’s battery life is yet to be specified). The A980Pro weighs 62g, while the slightly heavier A980ProMax tips the scales at 73g. Both mice maintain consistent dimensions of 129mm x 72mm x 40mm, ensuring a comfortable fit for various hand sizes and grips.

Customization and Software:
The DPI settings, lighting effects, polling rate, and TFT screen customization of the A980Pro and A980ProMax can be effortlessly adjusted using Dareu’s driver software. This intuitive software also enables users to program macro keys for tailored gaming experiences and specific needs.

Pricing and Availability:
The Dareu A980Pro is available at a competitive price point of 299 Yuan (approximately $42 USD), while the feature-rich A980ProMax is priced slightly higher at 399 Yuan (around $56 USD). Gamers interested in these new mice can now pre-order them on JD.com, with sales commencing at 10:00 am on March 15th.

With the A980Pro and A980ProMax, Dareu continues to showcase its commitment to innovation and delivering high-performance gaming peripherals. These two keyboards mice offer advanced features, versatile connectivity options, and customizable settings that cater to the diverse needs of modern gamers. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest gaming technology from Dareu and other leading manufacturers in the industry.

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