Xiaomi is removing a popular feature from HyperOS - News - NewsXiaomi is removing a popular feature from HyperOS - News - News

Title: Xiaomi Bids Farewell to Background Video Playback Feature in MIUI 15 (HyperOS) – A Shift Towards Google’s Policies

In a surprising turn of events, Xiaomi has decided to eliminate the background video playback feature from its latest operating system, HyperOS (MIUI 15), which was highly appreciated by users in MIUI 12 and its previous versions. This feature allowed users to play videos with the screen off, providing convenience for multitasking activities. However, this popular functionalities will no longer be accessible within HyperOS.

Background Video Playback – A Feature Exclusively for Premium Users

Previously, users could enjoy the benefit of playing videos in the background even without a premium subscription. Applications like YouTube facilitated this feature, enabling users to listen to audio from the video content while using other apps or keeping their screens off.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has announced that the background video playback feature will be gradually phased out from the video toolbox in new updates of MIUI 15. This decision comes after Google’s warning to adhere to their policies. The popular Video Toolbox, praised for its versatile features, is now losing one of its key advantages.

Users Affected by the Change

Attention all users of MIUI 12, MIUI 13, MIUI 14, and HyperOS (MIUI 15)! If you upgrade your security app to the mentioned versions, be aware that the ability to play videos with the screen off will be disabled. Xiaomi has officially acknowledged this change, and it is not a problem per se.

Impact of Google’s Policies on Xiaomi

Google’s policies have forced Xiaomi to make this change, much to the disappointment of its users. Although many are expressing their frustration, it is essential to remember that Android is an open-source operating system. Users have the freedom and flexibility to modify and adapt the OS according to their preferences with some research and effort.


In summary, Xiaomi has removed the background video playback feature from MIUI 15 (HyperOS) to comply with Google’s policies. Although this change may be upsetting for some users, it is important to remember the potential workarounds and adaptability of Android as an operating system. Stay tuned for more updates on Xiaomi and its innovative features.

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