Your Favorite Websites Are Becoming Apps! Chrome 124 Lets You Ditch the Browser (Almost) - Google - NewsYour Favorite Websites Are Becoming Apps! Chrome 124 Lets You Ditch the Browser (Almost) - Google - News

Title: Instant Desktop Apps from Websites with Chrome Canary’s New Progressive Web App Feature

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, technology continues to advance, rendering some features obsolete while introducing innovative alternatives. One such change that has recently taken place involves Chrome Apps, those convenient shortcuts to your favorite websites, which unfortunately disappeared in 2023. Fret not, as Google’s replacement – Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – is here to save the day! PWAs bridge the gap between websites and native apps, delivering an app-like experience without requiring downloads from the app store.

Chrome Canary, a leading-edge version of Google’s popular browser, takes PWAs a step further by allowing users to install any Website as a desktop application. Gone are the days of painstakingly searching for websites in browser tabs. With just one single click on an app icon, a Website can now open in its very own dedicated window.

Picture this: You have that go-to Website you visit daily. By transforming it into a desktop app, you can easily access it with a simple click, eliminating the need to navigate through browser tabs. To turn your favorite Website into a desktop application using Chrome Canary, follow these steps:

1. Install Chrome Canary and enable the following flags:
– chrome://flags/#web-app-universal-install
– chrome://flags/#shortcuts-not-apps

Please note that the feature for installing websites as desktop apps is currently under development in Chrome Canary (an early version of Chrome 124). The stable Chrome release, version 122, focuses on ai writing and Read Aloud tools for Android. An upcoming stable release (Chrome 123) brings a built-in PDF reader for Android, an Android-style media player for desktops, and enhanced tab group sharing.

This keyboards-changing feature represents a significant leap in web technology. In the past, enabling PWA functionality required intricate adjustments, like tinkering with flags. However, with the latest Canary update, a new “Install page as app…” option now appears in the “Save and share” menu, making the process much simpler. Clicking this option generates a dedicated app window for the Website. Existing PWAs such as YouTube will even display their names (“Install YouTube”) in the menu.

To give this feature a whirl, download Chrome Canary and enable the specified flags. Experience the convenience of launching your favorite websites as dedicated desktop applications, streamlining your browsing experience and improving overall productivity.

Stay tuned for more groundbreaking advancements in the realm of technology!

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