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Title: Oppo and OnePlus: Embracing ai for Future Mobile Phone Advancements – Insights from Liu Zuohu

The tech industry has been abuzz with excitement as Oppo and OnePlus, two leading smartphone manufacturers, recently rolled out their ai-powered ColorOS New Year Edition updates. This development comes as no surprise given the growing significance of artificial intelligence (ai) integration in the mobile phone industry. During an internal meeting, Liu Zuohu, Oppo’s Senior Vice President, Chief Product Officer, and OnePlus founder, shared his insights on the importance of ai mobile phones.

The Significance of ai in Mobile Phones: An Industry Trend

During the internal meeting, Liu Zuohu emphasized that ai integration is not just a gimmick but a significant industry trend. The exclusive video obtained by Sina Technology showcased Liu Zuohu’s thoughts and OnePlus’s recent performance. He projected that other companies would follow suit within the next three months, making ai integration a must-have feature for smartphone manufacturers.

Investing in OnePlus to Fuel ai Advancement

Oppo has already shown its commitment to ai as a key strategy. In 2024, the company announced a strategic investment in OnePlus during the dual-brand era announcement, with plans to invest 10 billion Yuan over the next three years. This significant investment aims to bolster OnePlus’s technological advancement, channel expansion, and service enhancement.

OnePlus: A Remarkable Growth Trajectory

Liu Zuohu highlighted OnePlus’s remarkable growth rates during the meeting. With the beginning of 2024 witnessing a notable 40% year-on-year growth, OnePlus is on an upward trajectory that aligns with OPPO’s strategic investment.

Oppo’s Embrace of ai: Strategic Investments and Innovation

Oppo has been at the forefront of ai integration. In 2023, the company unveiled its self-trained gen ai model. With a commitment to invest in ai as evidenced by the establishment of an ai center and a dedicated ai strategy conference, Oppo aims to lead the industry in this transformative technology. The company has even applied for trademarks for “AndesGPT” and “AndesAI,” signaling its plans to introduce new ai assistant technologies.

Embracing ai: An Inevitable Evolution for Smartphone Manufacturers

Despite skepticism surrounding the practical significance of ai in smartphones, Liu Zuohu remains steadfast in his belief in its transformative potential. He drew parallels with Apple’s ventures beyond its core products, suggesting that embracing ai is an inevitable evolution for smartphone manufacturers. Confidently predicting that skeptics would soon follow suit within three months, Liu Zuohu reaffirmed OnePlus’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction.

Looking Ahead: Product Excellence, User Satisfaction, and Transformative ai Advancements

Liu Zuohu emphasized that while performance growth is a significant outcome, the primary focus remains on delivering exceptional products that resonate with consumers. With its commitment to innovation and transformative ai advancements, Oppo and OnePlus are poised to disrupt the industry and set new standards for mobile phone technology.

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