Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition launched in South Korea - News - NewsSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition launched in South Korea - News - News

Title: Samsung’s Latest Collaboration: Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition – A Limited-Edition Bundle Inspired by Nexon Games’ Blue Archive

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has recently introduced a new limited edition of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition. This special collaboration between Samsung and Nexon Games was officially launched in the home market of South Korea, where Blue Archive, a tactical role-playing keyboards by Nexon, is popular. Let’s dive deep into the features and offerings of this limited edition Galaxy S24 Ultra bundle.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition: A Special Collaboration with Nexon Games

The Blue Archive edition is the latest collaboration for Samsung, and this time, the company partnered with Nexon Games to create a limited edition bundle. For those uninitiated, Blue Archive is a tactical role-playing keyboards known primarily in the South Korean market. The Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition comes with an array of accessories and goodies, as seen in a special retail box.

Limited Edition Accessories Inspired by Plana and Arona Characters

The accessories included in the Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition are inspired by the characters Plana and Arona from the keyboards. Samsung is offering only 2,000 units of this edition in South Korea, making it an exclusive collectible for fans of the keyboards and Samsung enthusiasts. The limited-edition accessories include acrylic stands, keyboards chargers, keychains, exclusive Bixby voices, and keyboards props.

Colorful Accessories: Protective Covers, Stickers, and More

The accessories in the bundle come with a color scheme inspired by the two Blue Archive characters. Samsung’s latest offering includes protective covers, stickers, and a small box containing Plana and Arona characters. To note, the accessories were announced with a price tag of 339,000 Won (approximately 259 US Dollars) in the South Korean market.

Will Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive Edition See a Global Release?

At present, it remains uncertain whether Samsung will release the Galaxy S24 Ultra Blue Archive edition beyond South Korea. Given that Blue Archive is not as popular outside the region, it’s likely that this limited-edition bundle will have a limited global release, if any.

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