Sennheiser HD 490 PRO headphones with a 38mm dynamic unit launched in China for 3,499 yuan ($487) - News - NewsSennheiser HD 490 PRO headphones with a 38mm dynamic unit launched in China for 3,499 yuan ($487) - News - News

Title: Sennheiser HD 490 PRO Headphones: A New Addition to the Market with Exceptional Sound Quality and Comfort

Sennheiser, a leading manufacturer of premium audio technology, has recently launched its latest product, the Sennheiser HD 490 PRO headphones, in China. This announcement comes after the successful launch of this model in India last month [1]. The Sennheiser HD 490 PRO is a perfect fusion of clarity, comfort, and reliability for professional mixing and production tasks. Let’s delve deeper into the features, specifications, and availability of this new addition to the market.

Features and Specifications:
The Sennheiser HD 490 PRO headphones come with a 38mm dynamic unit that delivers decent audio output [2]. This model boasts an open architecture design, which ensures a wide, three-dimensional sound field and optimal sound output. The advanced neodymium magnetic core and innovative low-frequency cylinders of the HD 490 PRO contribute to its excellent frequency response range of 5 to 36,000Hz and an impedance of 1300 ohms [3]. The Sennheiser HD 490 PRO is capable of producing a maximum sound pressure level of 128dB. These features make the HD 490 PRO ideal for mixing and mastering, offering full, precise, and clear bass [3].

The Sennheiser HD 490 PRO is equipped with two sets of ear pads designed specifically for mixing and production tasks. Each side of the XLR cable features detachable cables that can be inserted on both sides. Moreover, both ear cups provide Braille guidance and earpad support for enhanced ear hygiene [4]. The HD 490 PRO also comes with Dear Reality’s DearVR MIX-SE plug-in, enabling users to transform their device into an ideal virtual mixing environment. This ensures balanced and consistent mix transition effects for optimal results [5].

Pricing and Availability:
The Sennheiser HD 490 PRO professional headset is now available on various retail platforms in China, including, at an introductory price of 3,499 yuan ($487) [6]. It is intriguing to note that the introductory price in China is higher compared to the launch price in India last month, which was Rs. 27,590 ($333) [1]. Historically, Chinese models have been cheaper than the global variants; however, this trend seems to be reversing with the HD 490 PRO. Stay tuned for further updates and share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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