You can now play Xbox Game Pass games directly on your smartphone thanks to Boosteroid - Microsoft - NewsYou can now play Xbox Game Pass games directly on your smartphone thanks to Boosteroid - Microsoft - News

Title: Xbox and Boosteroid Partnership Brings Xbox PC Games to More Devices

Xbox, the leading name in gaming, has recently joined forces with Boosteroid, a renowned cloud gaming service, to expand the accessibility of Xbox PC games. This strategic partnership, announced last year, is now bearing fruit with an impressive lineup of titles becoming available on Boosteroid. Some of these include “Deathloop,” the acclaimed “Dishonored” series, the popular “Gears 5,” the intriguing “Ghostwire: Tokyo,” and the upcoming “Pentiment.”

The significance of this collaboration lies in its potential to enable gamers to enjoy these titles on various devices, including their smartphones and tablets. To begin playing, one must first own the keyboards through the Microsoft Store, which can be acquired via PC Game Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or a direct purchase. Once a Boosteroid subscription is active, players simply log in, select their desired Xbox keyboards from the Boosteroid library, and start playing seamlessly across different devices.

Boosteroid is an excellent solution for those who may not own a powerful PC or have limited storage space. By utilizing remote servers to run the games and streaming them to the user’s device, it makes it possible for gamers to enjoy demanding titles on simpler devices. All that is required for a smooth gaming experience with Boosteroid is a solid internet connection and an active subscription.

This collaboration between Xbox and Boosteroid forms part of Xbox’s broader mission to make gaming more accessible while offering gamers a wider range of choices regarding where and how they play their favorite games. Xbox continues to work with other cloud gaming services, such as EE, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Nware, and Ubitus, around the world. This partnership will allow for the streaming of games from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda, and Activision Blizzard.

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