Ginza 1.0 trekking e-bike with a mid-mounted motor and belt drive unveiled - News - NewsGinza 1.0 trekking e-bike with a mid-mounted motor and belt drive unveiled - News - News

Title: Urban Jungle Introduces the New Ginza 1.0 Trekking E-Bike: A Comfortable and Versatile Mid-Motor Solution

Urban Jungle, a rapidly growing e-bike brand hailing from Belgium, has recently announced the launch of their newest addition to their product line – the Ginza 1.0 trekking e-bike. The unveiling took place at Velofollies earlier this year, where the brand presented an array of their Barrio models as well.

Features and Highlights

The Ginza 1.0 is an excellent choice for riders seeking a more comfortable and versatile riding experience. The mid-mounted Bosch Performance Line motor, paired with a 625Wh Bosch Power Tube battery, powers this innovative e-bike. This mid-motor configuration offers better torque and pedaling efficiency compared to hub motors.

Comfort is key with the Ginza 1.0, as it comes equipped with an SR Suntour XCR32 suspension fork. This feature adapts to various terrain types, ensuring a smoother ride for the rider. The Schwalbe All Grounder 60-584 tires are another essential component, offering enhanced traction and flexibility to tackle a diverse range of surfaces, including trails.

The Ginza 1.0 boasts five distinct speed levels that cater to various riding preferences and conditions. Furthermore, it houses a Shimano Nexus geared hub for seamless gear shifts, a Gates belt for durability, and Shimano MT400 brakes for dependable stopping power.

Additional features include front and rear lights for improved nighttime visibility and Buchel Hero Air Alloy mudguards that protect against splashes and debris. The Racktime Boostit 2.0 Purion 200 display on the e-bike shows essential ride and battery information at a glance.

Specifications and Availability

Although Urban Jungle has not disclosed the weight of the Ginza 1.0, the bike is set to debut in their home market of Belgium later this month. It is also expected to be rolled out in some other contact countries such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The price details for the Ginza 1.0 e-bike have not been made public yet.

Performance figures, including the top speed and range, have not been announced by Urban Jungle. It is believed that these specifications will fall within average ranges for e-bikes in this category. The Ginza 1.0 is expected to remain exclusive to contact markets.


The Urban Jungle Ginza 1.0 promises to deliver a comfortable and versatile riding experience, thanks to its mid-motor configuration, suspension fork, and adaptable tires. Though top speed and range details are yet to be revealed, the e-bike is poised to make waves in the contact market. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new addition to the Urban Jungle family!

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