Huawei Opens Limited Beta for New Harmony OS (China Only) - Huawei - NewsHuawei Opens Limited Beta for New Harmony OS (China Only) - Huawei - News

Title: Huawei Invites 2,000 Users for Closed Beta Testing of Harmony OS: Experience the Future with Enhanced Navigation, Security, and Faster Response Times

Huawei has announced a limited opportunity for users to join its exclusive closed beta program for the latest version of Harmony OS, Huawei’s advanced operating system. This program is an excellent chance for users to preview new features designed to significantly improve user experience and provide valuable feedback to the Huawei team before a wider release. However, only 2,000 lucky testers will be selected for this program.

Important Considerations:

1. Limited Availability:
The number of available spots for the beta testing is limited, with only 2,000 users being invited to participate.

2. Irreversible Upgrade:
Upgrading your device to the beta version means that you will no longer be able to downgrade it back to the stable version. This is an essential consideration as the beta software may contain bugs or issues not present in the stable version.

3. China-only Participation:
Currently, the program is open only to users residing in China and whose devices run on EMUI (Huawei’s previous OS). The following Huawei products are compatible with the beta program:
– Mate series phones (e.g., Mate 40, Mate 30)
– P60 series phones
– Mate X3 foldable phones
– MatePad Pro tablets
– Select V and SE series TVs

To participate, interested users should apply through the My Huawei app’s Upgrade section before March 30th. By joining this beta program, you will have an exclusive sneak peek into the newest features of Harmony OS and help Huawei identify any potential issues before a wider rollout.

Key Benefits:

1. Improved Navigation:
Experience effortless navigation as the latest features will make it simpler and more intuitive for users to interact with their devices.

2. Enhanced Security Measures:
Stay protected with advanced security measures, ensuring your data remains confidential and secure.

3. Faster Response Times:
Get ready for quicker responses as the beta version of Harmony OS focuses on optimizing system performance to provide a seamless user experience.

If you’re an eligible user, don’t miss this golden opportunity to contribute to the development of Harmony OS and be among the first to enjoy its new features. Apply now through the My Huawei app before the application window closes on March 30th.

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