Creality 10W Pro Diode Laser, Review: Now You Have A New Hobby - Review - NewsCreality 10W Pro Diode Laser, Review: Now You Have A New Hobby - Review - News

Title: Exploring the World of Laser Engraving with Creality Falcon 10W Pro: A Comprehensive Guide

In our continuous quest for innovative tech products, we’ve recently come across the Creality Falcon 10W Pro Laser Engraver. While we may not be experts in this field, we are eager to embark on this new hobby and help you navigate through the experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss where to buy the Falcon 10W Pro, its packaging and assembly process, and provide tips for setting it up.

Where to Buy:
If you are interested in purchasing a Creality Falcon 10W Pro Laser Engraver, we recommend buying it from the official Creality shop. Use the coupon code: FN10WPRO for an added discount.

Preparations and Essential Accessories:
Before diving into the world of laser engraving, it’s important to understand that apart from the main unit, you’ll need essential accessories. These include an enclosure and a honeycomb plate. The reasons being:
1. Enclosures with vent fans help manage the smoke produced during the engraving process, making it more convenient for those living in apartments or buildings.
2. Honeycomb plates ensure that the material being engraved doesn’t get burnt, and also protect your floor from any potential damage caused by the laser.

What’s in the Box:
The box contains various components, including:
1. X-Y Gantry
2. Laser computer control assembly
3. 10W laser module
4. Air-assist device
5. Assembly screws and hardware
6. Measurement plate
7. Gantry legs
8. Power supply and power cord
9. Linden plywood sample (x2)
10. Wrenches
11. T-nuts with grub screws
12. 8GB TF card and USB card reader
13. Safety goggles
14. Cloth
15. Manual

Packaging and Assembly:
The packaging for the main unit, enclosure, and honeycomb plate is separate. The assembly process for these components is relatively simple; following the instruction manual will take approximately 10 minutes for the enclosure and honeycomb plates.

For the main unit, the assembly process takes around 30 minutes. The critical steps involve ensuring that the X and Y axis parameters are correctly positioned, as this will help in aligning the engraving material on the honeycomb plate. Afterward, installing the racket with the laser unit and the air-assist device is necessary.

Tips for Assembly:
1. Watch instructional videos carefully, as the belt mechanism may be confusing for beginners.
2. Secure the air-assist device hose on the opposite side of the power cable, away from the honeycomb plate to prevent it from coming into contact with the laser.

The Creality Falcon 10W Pro Laser Engraver has the following specifications:
– Dimensions: 52 x 60 x 19cm (20 x 24 x 7.5 inches)
– Laser source: Semiconductor type
– Laser power: 10Watts
– Laser engraving software: LaserGRBK, LightBurn
– Operating System: MacOS, Windows
– Voltage Input: 100-240 volts, 50-60Hz
– Power supply voltage output: 24V, 3.0A, 72W
– Safety Certifications: CE, UKCA, UL, etc
– Supported materials: wood, bamboo, rubber, leather, fabric, acrylic, plastic, etc

Our experience with the Creality Falcon 10W Pro Laser Engraver has been positive. With various features such as Bidirectional Limit Switch, Active Stop Function, Security Lock Design, Emergency Stop Button, and Laser Protective Cover, it offers a great starting point for those new to laser engraving. Plus, the 20W laser upgrade and affordable price make it an attractive option compared to other laser engravers on the market. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks as we explore this exciting new hobby!

Where to Buy:
Buy Creality Falcon 10W Pro Laser Engraver on Creality Official Shop | Coupon code: FN10WPRO

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