OpenAI may have “Accidentally” Leaked GPT-4.5 Turbo Via an Official Blog Post - News - NewsOpenAI may have “Accidentally” Leaked GPT-4.5 Turbo Via an Official Blog Post - News - News

Title: OpenAI’s Upcoming GPT-4.5 Turbo: A Potential Game Changer with a June 2024 Knowledge Cutoff and Doubled Context Length Window

One year ago, on March 14, OpenAI unveiled its advanced language model, GPT-4, showcasing remarkable human-level performance on professional and academic benchmarks. Fast forward to the present, OpenAI has generated excitement once more with a recent blog post hinting at the imminent release of an advanced version: GPT-4.5 Turbo [1]. Although the article has since been made inaccessible, some intriguing details have surfaced regarding this new model.

GPT-4.5 Turbo’s most captivating feature appears to be its “knowledge cutoff” of June 2024 [2]. This means that the ai chatbot will have access to all available information on the web up until this date. While some may consider this a mistake, others believe it implies an OpenAI release around July or August 2024. This would keep the company competitive before moving on to the next-generation – GPT-5 [3].

One significant improvement in GPT-4.5 Turbo is a context length window of 256K tokens, which more than doubles the current 128K limit in GPT-4 Turbo. This move is likely OpenAI’s response to competitors launching models with increasingly large context windows, as seen in Google’s recent updates to its ai chatbot, Gemini [4]. With debates ongoing about the possibility of considering Gemini as a preferred Large Language Model (LLM), it seems another GPT model could even out the competition or potentially surpass Google’s ai chatbot.

OpenAI has yet to acknowledge these leaked details, leaving the status of GPT-4.5 Turbo and the June 2024 date enshrouded in mystery. The leak’s timing, occurring on the first anniversary of GPT-4’s launch, has left some questioning its legitimacy [5]. Stay tuned to GizmoChina for future updates regarding OpenAI and the latest advancements in ai technology.

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