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A Comparative Analysis of Poco X6 Neo and Redmi Note 13: Which One Should You Opt For?

Recently, a new addition has been made to the X6 series of smartphones by Poco with the launch of the Poco X6 Neo in India. This affordable model marks the beginning of this series with a starting price of ₹15,999. The device shares several similarities with Redmi Note 13 but comes with one significant difference that makes it more affordable than its counterpart from Redmi. In this post, we aim to help you make an informed decision by comparing the features and pricing of these two devices.

What Sets Poco X6 Neo Apart From Redmi Note 13?

At first glance, the Poco X6 Neo appears nearly identical to Redmi Note 13. However, there is a notable difference between the two that affects their pricing significantly:

Camera System

The primary disparity lies in their camera systems. While the Poco X6 Neo boasts a two-camera rear setup, the Redmi Note 13 features a three-camera array. The missing component in Poco X6 Neo is the 8MP ultrawide unit, which is present in Redmi Note 13. Despite this change, both models share identical primary sensors – a 108MP camera with 3x in-sensor zoom support. They also come equipped with the same depth sensor and front-facing snapper, a 2MP depth sensor and a 16MP selfie camera, respectively.

RAM Variants

Another distinction between the two lies in their base RAM variants: 8GB for Poco X6 Neo and 6GB for Redmi Note 13.

Pricing Comparison

Below is a table featuring the prices of each device and their respective storage configurations:

Poco X6 NeoRedmi Note 13
8GB + 128GB₹15,9996GB + 128GB₹17,999
12GB + 256GB₹17,9998GB + 256GB₹19,999

Which One to Choose?

If you frequently utilize the ultrawide camera, the Redmi Note 13 is your better choice due to its availability of this feature. However, for users who don’t require an ultrawide camera often, the Poco X6 Neo offers a more economical alternative, as its other features are identical to those of Redmi Note 13 and it comes with a price advantage of around ₹2,000.

Additional Considerations

It is essential to note that Poco X6 Neo, like other Poco products, is exclusively sold through Flipkart. This means that financing options for purchasing this device are limited. On the other hand, Redmi Note 13 is available across various channels such as Amazon,, Xiaomi Home stores, and retail stores across India. As a result, if you cannot afford the phone upfront, Redmi Note 13 offers a wider range of financing options to choose from.

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