Microsoft unveils custom Final Fantasy 14 themed Xbox Series X console for giveaway - Microsoft - NewsMicrosoft unveils custom Final Fantasy 14 themed Xbox Series X console for giveaway - Microsoft - News

Title: Win a Custom Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X Console, Complete Collector’s Edition, and Year of Game Pass Ultimate in this Epic Giveaway

Microsoft and Square Enix have joined forces to celebrate the upcoming launch of Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox Series X/S with an exclusive, custom-designed console. This collaboration between the tech giant and the renowned RPG developer is a testament to their shared enthusiasm for the keyboards’s community.

The console, unfortunately not available for purchase, will be awarded to one lucky fan through an exciting giveaway hosted by Xbox on Twitter. Participants have the opportunity to enter and potentially claim this unique prize package, which includes not only the custom Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X console but also a controller, the Complete Collector’s Edition of the keyboards, and a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This giveaway coincides with the final week of the Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X/S open beta, which runs until March 21st. During this period, new players can explore the keyboards’s free trial version and access the core campaigns of A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood. This open beta allows players to enjoy the content without any playtime limits or level caps.

The custom Xbox Series X console boasts a captivating design inspired by the in-keyboards Aetherytes, a staple of Final Fantasy 14. The console’s sleek blue exterior is accented with gold details and crystal embellishments, proudly displaying the Final Fantasy 14 logo. The controller complements the console’s design with a crystal logo, golden D-pad, and meteor icon.

To enter this giveaway, fans must follow @Xbox and @FF_XIV_EN on Twitter and retweet the promotional post with the hashtag #XboxFFXIVSweepstakes. The giveaway is open until March 28th, and residents of Canada and Mexico can participate via @XboxCanada and @XboxMexico respectively.

The Xbox team shared the news on Twitter, urging fans to follow @Xbox and @FF_XIV_EN, retweet the giveaway post, and use the hashtag #XboxFFXIVSweepstakes for a chance to win this once-in-a-lifetime prize. Participants must be 18 years or older, and the full rules can be found on the giveaway page.

With the console launch just around the corner, the community eagerly anticipates Patch 6.58, set to release on March 19th. The excitement doesn’t stop there as Final Fantasy 14 makes its presence known at PAX East with the Dawntrail panel. This is truly an unforgettable time for fans of Final Fantasy 14 and Xbox gaming enthusiasts alike.

So, follow the instructions, spread the word, and let’s make someone’s day by gifting them this extraordinary prize package!

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