OnePlus signals potential exit from India’s TV and Monitor market, removes categories from website - News - NewsOnePlus signals potential exit from India’s TV and Monitor market, removes categories from website - News - News

Title: OnePlus and Realme Potentially Exiting the Smart TV and Monitor Markets in India: A Closer Look

A significant shift in the Indian tech landscape emerged last year when a report suggested that OnePlus was considering exiting the smart TV market. Recent developments indicate that this speculation might hold some truth, as the company has taken down the TV and Displays sections from its Indian Website [1].

Visitors to the OnePlus India Website who navigate to the TV section are now redirected to a 404 error page. Moreover, there is no trace of the TV category on the OnePlus Store page or menu. However, it’s important to note that the company still maintains a mention of the TV segment in its Website footer [2].

OnePlus entered the Indian smart TV market in 2019 with the release of the OnePlus TV Q1 series. The company quickly expanded its offerings to cater to various price points, introducing several affordable and mid-range models since then [3]. However, OnePlus hasn’t launched any new TVs in India since last year. This possible departure from the TV business could be attributed to the company’s strategic plans.

Another surprising development is that OnePlus might also be exiting the monitor market in India. The company had only released two products, the X 27″ and E 24″ monitors [4], back in December 2022. Since then, there have been no new launches or mentions of the monitor category on their Website.

A report from Counterpoint Research in 2022 indicated that OnePlus was among the fastest-growing smart TV brands in India that year [5]. Despite this impressive growth, it appears that OnePlus is now considering its exit from the Indian TV and Display business.

Furthermore, another player in the Indian tech market, Realme, might also be following a similar path [1]. It’s noteworthy that their TVs were reportedly performing well in the Indian smart TV market [6]. The reasons behind these potential exits remain unclear.

Currently, Xiaomi continues to be a significant player in the Indian tech market, offering smartphones and TVs under its Mi brand [7].

It’s important to emphasize that there is no official confirmation from OnePlus regarding their exit from the Indian TV and Display business. Thus, it is advisable to wait for the company’s formal announcement before drawing definitive conclusions.

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