Samsung Launches QNX9D & QN90D QLED TVs with up to 98-inch Screen Size, NQ4 AI Gen2 Chip - News - NewsSamsung Launches QNX9D & QN90D QLED TVs with up to 98-inch Screen Size, NQ4 AI Gen2 Chip - News - News

Title: Samsung Unveils Impressive Neo QLED TV Lines with Mini LED Technology: A Game Changer in Home Entertainment

Samsung, a global leader in consumer electronics, has recently introduced two innovative Neo QLED TV lines that are set to redefine home entertainment experience. The first lineup showcases a groundbreaking 98-inch Neo QLED, which brings an unprecedented immersive home theater sensation. Let’s delve deeper into the features that make this television a must-have for tech enthusiasts and entertainment lovers alike.

The 98-inch Neo QLED: A Colossal Leap Forward in Home Entertainment

The star of the show is undoubtedly the massive 98-inch Neo QLED. This behemoth is not just large in size but also loaded with advanced technology and features that elevate the viewing experience. At its heart lies a powerful NQ4 ai Gen2 chip, which harnesses 20 ai neural networks to optimize picture quality and upscale content closer to 4K resolution.

Quantum Dot technology is another essential component of the Neo QLED, delivering vivid, lifelike colors that bring images to life. The ultra-large screen image intensifier guarantees exceptional brightness and clarity across the entire display, ensuring true-to-life color reproduction that has been PANTONE Color certified.

Enhancing Viewing Experience: Features Beyond the Basics

The 98-inch Neo QLED offers more than just stunning visuals. It comes equipped with several advanced features designed to further enhance the overall viewing experience:

1. **Neo Quantum Dot HDR+**: This feature ensures exceptional contrast and detail, ensuring that every scene is rendered with precision and depth.
2. **HDR Brightness Optimizer**: The HDR Brightness Optimizer ensures optimal brightness levels for every content and ambient lighting condition, providing a consistent and enjoyable viewing experience.
3. **Depth of Field Enhancement Pro**: This cinematic feature adds depth to the images on the screen, making viewers feel like they are part of the action.
4. **Automatic HDR Image Quality Reconstruction**: This technology upscales content to HDR quality, ensuring that users can enjoy high-definition visuals regardless of the original format.
5. **Game Toolbar and Optimization Settings**: For gamers, this Neo QLED TV comes with a dedicated keyboards toolbar and ai-powered optimization settings that deliver smooth, tear-free visuals using FreeSync Premium Pro technology and seamless gameplay with Light Picture Synchronization.
6. **Dolby Atmos**: The 98-inch Neo QLED is not just about visuals but also delivers rich, three-dimensional sound to create an immersive entertainment experience.
7. **Built-in SmartThings hub**: Users can control their smart home devices seamlessly with the built-in SmartThings hub, making home automation more accessible and convenient.

The QNX9D Series: Neo QLED in Traditional Sizes

For those seeking a more traditional size range, the QNX9D series offers stunning Neo QLED technology in 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch options. These TVs come equipped with many of the same features as the colossal 98-inch model, including a Quantum Dot Mini LED display for incredible brightness and detail, an intelligent NQ4 ai Gen2 processor, a smooth 4K 120Hz refresh rate, and exceptional contrast and vibrant colors delivered by 14-bit HDR technology with PANTONE Color certification.

Immersive Entertainment Features in QNX9D Series

The QNX9D series takes entertainment a step further with several immersive features:

1. **70W 4.2.2ch speakers**: These powerful speakers deliver dynamic, rich audio that complements the stunning visuals of the TV.
2. **Q Symphony technology**: This feature creates a seamless audio experience when paired with a compatible Samsung soundbar, providing an unparalleled entertainment experience.
3. **Latest Tizen Smart System**: Users can navigate easily through their favorite streaming services and games using the latest Tizen Smart System.
4. **SmartThings hub**: The built-in SmartThings hub allows users to control their smart home devices effortlessly, making their life easier and more convenient.
5. **Bixby voice assistant**: With Bixby voice assistant, users can control their TV and smart home devices using simple voice commands for added convenience.
6. **Solar-powered remote control**: The eco-friendly solar-powered remote control adds a thoughtful touch to the entire package, making it a more sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

In Conclusion: Samsung’s Game Changer in Home Entertainment

With its groundbreaking Neo QLED TV lines, Samsung is once again pushing the boundaries of home entertainment. The combination of Mini LED technology, advanced picture processing, and immersive features in both the 98-inch and QNX9D series models ensures that users can enjoy stunning visuals, rich sound, and a seamless entertainment experience. By investing in these advanced TVs, Samsung is not just offering a superior viewing experience but also setting the stage for future advancements in home entertainment technology.

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