LG unveils MoodUP refrigerator in India with color changing LED panels & built-in Bluetooth speakers - LG - NewsLG unveils MoodUP refrigerator in India with color changing LED panels & built-in Bluetooth speakers - LG - News

Title: LG’s Mood-Changing, Colorful, and Musical MoodUP Refrigerator Unveiled at Lakme Fashion Week in India: A Blend of Style, Technology, and Personalization

LG Electronics, the renowned South Korean tech giant, made an intriguing announcement at the recent Lakme Fashion Week in India. The star of the show was the innovative MoodUP refrigerator, boasting color-changing LED French Door panels designed to reflect the moods and preferences of its users.

LG’s MoodUP Refrigerator: A Fashionable, Colorful, and Technologically-Advanced Home Appliance
The fashion industry’s leading duo, Gauri and Nainika, graced the Lakme Fashion Week stage alongside LG Electronics to unveil the MoodUP refrigerator. With a captivating 170,000 colors at their disposal, they showcased LG’s latest offering that perfectly blends style and technology. First introduced in 2022, the MoodUP refrigerator is now finally available to Indian consumers.

Beyond Eye-Catching Design: Advanced Features and Functionality
The MoodUP refrigerator’s eye-catching design is just the beginning. This advanced home appliance comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers that allow users to play music from their phones or other connected devices directly on the fridge. In combination with the LED color-changing panels, this feature turns your home into an instant party place.

Smart Features for Ultimate Convenience and Freshness
The LG MoodUP Refrigerator boasts several intelligent features, such as Door Open Alert, Welcome Light, and Night-time Mood Light. These additions ensure your refrigerator experience is not only visually appealing but also practical. Furthermore, Door Cooling+ technology maintains even cooling on each shelf, while Hygiene Fresh+ technology minimizes the growth of bacteria and keeps food fresh for longer.

Integration with LG ThinQ for Remote Control and Monitoring
The MoodUP refrigerator can be seamlessly integrated with LG ThinQ, enabling users to monitor their fridge remotely and control its features using voice commands or the LG ThinQ app. This integration adds an extra layer of convenience, making the MoodUP refrigerator not just a stylish and technologically advanced home appliance, but also a smart one.

Availability and Pricing
The MoodUP refrigerator is now available for purchase in India at a hefty price tag of 449,999 INR (approximately 5,420 US Dollars). This premium home appliance promises to provide users with a unique and personalized refrigerator experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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