Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro now available in White color is sleek, smart, & budget-friendly - News - NewsXiaomi Smart Switch Pro now available in White color is sleek, smart, & budget-friendly - News - News

Title: Xiaomi Unveils New White Variant of Smart Switch Pro: A Sleek Addition with Advanced Features and Seamless Integration

Xiaomi, the leading technology company known for its innovative consumer electronics, has recently announced a new color variant of its popular Smart Switch Pro. This latest addition comes in a pristine White finish, complementing the existing Deep Space Grey option that was initially launched in China last year.

The Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro is an excellent choice for budget-conscious users looking to introduce smart lighting control into their homes. Priced at 129 yuan ($18), it offers an array of advanced features that set it apart from traditional switches.

Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro Specifications:

The smart switch is designed with a single live and neutral wire compatible design, eliminating the hassle of worrying about existing wiring configurations during installation. Its ease of replacement, particularly in older homes where neutral wires might be lacking, makes it a preferred option for homeowners and renters alike.

Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro flaunts a premium AG glass panel with an external AF coating, offering resistance to scratches, fingerprints, and even oil stains. This feature ensures a clean and responsive experience, far superior to traditional plastic switches that can become grimy and less responsive over time.

Equipped with ai self-checking and adaptive mode, Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro is constructed using V-0 flame retardant material. This feature ensures exceptional fire resistance, providing an added layer of safety for homes. Furthermore, the switch boasts brass-plated gold terminals for improved circuit connection stability and reduced power consumption. In case the rated power (2200W) is exceeded or the temperature limit is reached, the switch automatically cuts off power, offering an extra layer of protection.

Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro seamlessly integrates with the Mi Home app via Xiaomi’s HyperOS Connect technology, enabling access to an extensive range of smart features. Users can create automation scenes, control lights remotely, and even monitor real-time power consumption. This level of control empowers users to personalize their lighting experience and optimize energy usage effectively.

Additionally, the Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro integrates with the Xiao Ai smart speaker. With simple voice commands, users can turn lights on or off without ever having to reach for the switch.

Another notable feature is the ability to convert the Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro into a wireless switch. This software function, accessible through the Mi Home app, allows users to control other smart devices in their homes, such as vacuum cleaners or air purifiers, without any additional wiring required.

With the new White variant of Xiaomi Smart Switch Pro, users can now choose a color option that complements their home decor while enjoying advanced features and seamless integration with their smart ecosystem.

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