Xiaomi’s Smart Doorbell 3S reimagines Home protection with a power boost, anti-theft & ultra-wide view - News - NewsXiaomi’s Smart Doorbell 3S reimagines Home protection with a power boost, anti-theft & ultra-wide view - News - News

Title: Xiaomi’s Newly Announced Smart Doorbell 3S: A Game Changer with Improved Features and Connectivity

Xiaomi, the leading technology company known for its innovative consumer electronics, is all set to introduce its newest addition to their smart home security lineup – the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S. This new device is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Smart Doorbell 3, which has been well-received in the market. According to Xiaomi’s global Website, the launch of this new smart doorbell is just around the corner.

The Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S boasts an impressive set of features and enhancements compared to its earlier version. One of the most notable improvements is the addition of WiFi 6 connectivity along with a fixed wiring option, providing users with more flexibility in setting up and managing their smart doorbell.

Key Features of Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S:

1. High-Definition 2K Resolution and Extensive Viewing Angle:
The Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S offers a resolution of 2K and a 180-degree diagonal field of view. This ensures that users can capture head-to-toe views of visitors, providing clearer and more detailed images for enhanced security.
2. Advanced Security Features:
Real-time monitoring, motion alarms, a door chime, and up to 72 hours of free cloud storage are some standard security features that the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S inherits from its predecessor. These features help users stay informed and secure their homes effectively.
3. Durability and Weather Resistance:
The new model comes with IP65 dust and water protection, ensuring that the device can withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain its functionality. This feature is particularly essential for outdoor smart devices and makes the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S a reliable choice for homeowners.
4. Long-Lasting Battery Life and Versatile Power Options:
The Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S is equipped with a 5,200mAh battery in addition to the hard-wired power supply option. This feature not only makes the device more versatile but also guarantees longer battery life for users, reducing the need for frequent charging.
5. Enhanced Connectivity and Advanced Functionality:
The Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S comes with WiFi 6 connectivity, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) support, and adjustable night vision sensitivity. These features provide users with clearer images, faster internet connection, and better visibility even in low-light conditions.

Pricing and Availability:
As of now, no official pricing or release information is available for the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3S on Xiaomi’s global Website. However, based on its impressive improvements and features, it is expected to come with a higher price tag than the Smart Doorbell 3. For reference, the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell 3 is currently available on Amazon for $129.99. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the pricing and availability of this innovative new device from Xiaomi.

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(Source: Xiaomi Global Website)

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