Grab your favorite e-bike as HeyBike is offering Free Accessories this Spring Sale - Best Deals - NewsGrab your favorite e-bike as HeyBike is offering Free Accessories this Spring Sale - Best Deals - News

Spring into Savings: HeyBike’s Exciting Spring Sale Offerings

Spring has graciously arrived, and with it comes the blooming of flowers, the awakening of wildlife, and the emergence of excellent sales from your favorite e-retailers. Among these retail giants are Amazon and Best Buy, but let us not forget the renowned e-bike manufacturer, HeyBike. To celebrate the arrival of spring, HeyBike has rolled out an enticing sale that is not to be missed.

Springtime Savings Galore at HeyBike

HeyBike is known for offering discounts only on select occasions, and the Spring Sale is one such opportunity. If you’re in the market for a foldable e-bike that boasts a high-quality electric motor and an impressive range, then consider the offerings from HeyBike. Their selection includes various models, such as Mars 2.0, Explore, Cityrun, Tyson, Horizon, Ranger S, Brawn, and more.

Mars 2.0 to Extended Range Models

The Mars 2.0 is the most affordable option from HeyBike, with the Ranger bikes leading the charge at a discounted price of $1,199. For those seeking longer distances, models such as Tyson, Horizon, Ranger S, Brawn, and others provide extended ranges of up to 70 miles. No matter which model you choose, each HeyBike e-bike comes equipped with a powerful 1200W motor that enables speeds of up to 28 miles per hour.

Free Accessories with Your Purchase

What makes HeyBike’s Spring Sale even more appealing is the opportunity to enjoy three free accessories with your e-bike purchase. Regardless of which model you opt for, you can select among a variety of offerings such as Bike Baskets, Foldable Locks, Phone mounts, or front-based accessories. For an added touch of HeyBike branding, there’s also a free Cycling Essentials package that consists of a Cable Lock, Heybike T-Shirt, Heybike Hat, and Heybike Keychain.

Exclusive Features of HeyBike e-Bikes

HeyBike’s e-bikes are not only economical and efficient but also come with a range of desirable features. Their compact folding design ensures easy transportation in your car’s trunk, while the quality suspensions, fat tires, rear rack, and head and tail lamps add convenience and style. The support for easy bike charging and USB charging for your e-gadgets are additional perks that make HeyBike’s offerings stand out.

Act Fast, Stock Won’t Last Forever

So, if you’re in the market for an e-bike this spring and are intrigued by HeyBike’s Spring Sale offerings, we strongly suggest you act fast before stock depletes. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to save while enjoying the perks of HeyBike’s exceptional e-bikes and free accessories.

Shop HeyBike’s Spring Sale Now!

Visit the HeyBike Online Shop to explore their entire range of e-bikes and take advantage of the exciting Spring Sale discounts, along with your choice of three free accessories.

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