Xiaomi launches Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X in China for 599 yuan ($83) - News - NewsXiaomi launches Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X in China for 599 yuan ($83) - News - News

Title: Xiaomi’s New Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X: A Comprehensive Overview with Enhanced Features for Child Safety and Social Interaction

As anticipated by many, Xiaomi has recently introduced the latest addition to its line of popular children’s smartwatches – the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X. This innovative wearable device is now up for pre-order in China via Xiaomi Youpin, priced at a starting point of 599 yuan ($83).

The Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X is designed with child safety in mind, featuring upgraded positioning capabilities. The dual-frequency GPS technology provides more accurate location tracking, and the smartwatch supports various scene positioning such as indoor, mall, and ai positioning. This enables parents to monitor their child’s real-time location and receive alerts if the child strays from their typical route or spends an extended period in a specific area.

Additionally, the watch boasts a 90-day high-precision trajectory that displays the child’s walking history for the past three months. It also employs 3D floor positioning 2.0, utilizing a barometer and dual-frequency GPS to pinpoint the child’s precise floor level within a building. The watch can store location data even without an active network connection, allowing parents to view their child’s offline movements once the watch is reconnected.

Design and Functionality:
The smartwatch boasts a sleek 1.68-inch HD screen, offering 18 sports modes and 5 physical exam functions. The waterproof feature ensures the watch can withstand being worn during hand washing or Rain, as it is rated at 20 meters underwater.

Advanced Video Calling:
The Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X introduces upgraded video calling features, with an 8MP side camera and a 5MP front camera. The enhanced clarity and fluency of these cameras offer improved visual quality during video calls, giving parents a clear view of their kids and the surrounding environment.

Social Interaction:
The watch is designed to cater to children’s social lives as well, supporting WeChat (children’s watch version) and QQ for connecting with friends on the same platform or using other brands of children’s watches that also utilize these apps. The Xiao Ai assistant is integrated into the watch, offering interactive features like weather updates, storytelling, and smart home connectivity.

Battery Life and Storage:
Xiaomi has equipped the Mitu Kids Smartwatch 7X with a 950mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting usage. The low-power system and power-saving algorithms guarantee that the watch stays charged throughout the day. The device also features 4GB of storage, enabling parents to install various educational apps for their child’s learning enhancement.

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