Google’s Ultra HDR format coming to OnePlus 12 & OPPO Find X7 Ultra - Google - NewsGoogle’s Ultra HDR format coming to OnePlus 12 & OPPO Find X7 Ultra - Google - News

Title: OPPO Find X7 Ultra and OnePlus 12 Join the Ranks of Android Devices Supporting Google’s Revolutionary Ultra HDR Format for Mobile Photography

The mobile photography landscape is about to experience a groundbreaking transformation with the introduction of Ultra HDR format for Android devices. This cutting-edge technology, exclusively available on OPPO Find X7 Ultra and OnePlus 12, aims to elevate the image capturing experience like never before.

Ultra HDR format: A Game-Changer for Android Mobile Photography

What sets Ultra HDR photos apart is their unique ability to adapt and provide optimal viewing experience on various displays. These high-definition images are saved in the universal .jpg format, enabling compatibility with devices that do not support HDR, ensuring all users can enjoy the enhanced visuals. When viewed on an HDR-supported display, Ultra HDR images come alive with striking contrast, exceptional detail, and lifelike color representation.

The Power of Metadata: SDR and HDR Gain Map

One notable feature of Ultra HDR photos is the inclusion of both Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) image and HDR Gain Map in their metadata. This enables seamless rendering on various displays, ensuring the best possible viewing experience for all users.

OPPO Find X7 Ultra: A New Era of Ultra HDR Mobile Photography

A recent update, version PHY110_14.0.1.628(CN01), with a size of 946.26 MB, graced OPPO Find X7 Ultra users with the exciting new feature of Ultra HDR capture capabilities. With this enhancement, the device can now take stunning Ultra HDR images in automatic, portrait, and night mode, offering resolutions of either 12MP or 25MP.

Expanding the Ultra HDR Horizon: OnePlus 12 Embraces the Future

In a move to extend the reach of this innovative technology, OPPO’s sub-brand, OnePlus, also received the same update. This means that both devices, OPPO Find X7 Ultra and OnePlus 12, now have the capability to capture and display Ultra HDR photos, granting their users an unparalleled mobile photography experience.

Compatibility Note: Limited to .jpg Format and ColorOS-Supported Devices

It’s important to clarify that Ultra HDR format is currently not compatible with .heic (High Efficiency Image Format) images. Additionally, the screenshots shared by ITHome indicate that these photos were taken on ColorOS, which is OPPO’s custom Android skin for Chinese users.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Experience Ultra HDR on OPPO Find X7 Ultra and OnePlus 12

In conclusion, the latest update on OPPO Find X7 Ultra and OnePlus 12 marks a significant leap forward in mobile photography. With their newfound ability to capture and display Ultra HDR photos, these devices are poised to deliver an unmatched visual experience, making every moment worth capturing.

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