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Title: Unveiling the Secrets of Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge Series: Newly Leaked Promotional Materials Reveal Exciting Features and Specifications

The much-anticipated images of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Book4 Edge series have been leaked earlier, but now, we have been blessed with valuable information from the materials intended for commercial promotions. This exciting revelation sheds light on many intriguing details about Samsung’s latest laptops.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge series encompasses three distinct models: two regular editions, a 14-inch and a 16-inch, and the premium Book4 Edge Pro, which comes exclusively in a 16-inch size. The model numbers for these laptops are NP940XMA-KB1DE, NP960XMA-KB1DE, and NP960XMB-KB1DE, respectively.

Samsung’s advertisement images have confirmed that the Snapdragon X Elite chipset boasts an impressive 45 TOPS NPU computing power. It is essential to note that all leaked ad images pertain to the Book4 Edge Pro model. This advanced laptop will feature a capacity battery of 61.8Wh and an impressive fast-charging capability of 65W via USB-C.

Samsung’s promise of a remarkable 22-hour battery life during movie playback at 1080p resolution and a screen brightness of 150 nits is indeed an enticing offer for potential buyers. However, the recent leaks have added another layer to this intrigue by revealing that both USB-C ports on the Book4 Edge Pro support the advanced USB 4.0 standard. This means that Snapdragon X Elite’s power is sufficient to cater to not one but two USB 4.0 ports.

In conclusion, the leaked promotional materials have undoubtedly added a significant amount of excitement to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge series. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to unravel the secrets behind these promising laptops.

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