ROG Announces New Moon Blade 2 ACE Gaming Mouse at 55 Grams with a Whopping 42,000 DPI - Asus - NewsROG Announces New Moon Blade 2 ACE Gaming Mouse at 55 Grams with a Whopping 42,000 DPI - Asus - News

ROG’s Upcoming Moon Blade 2 ACE Gaming Mouse: A Powerhouse of Precision, Comfort, and Connectivity

An Exciting New Addition to the ROG Family

The gaming community eagerly awaits the release of Republic of Gamers (ROG)’s latest innovation: the Moon Blade 2 ACE gaming mouse. With its powerful sensor and ultra-lightweight design, this new addition to the ROG family promises peak performance and unparalleled comfort for competitive gamers. The launch of this highly anticipated mouse is reportedly just around the corner.

A Sensor Designed for Esports: Precision and Responsiveness

The Moon Blade 2 ACE mouse showcases ROG’s new AimPoint Pro 42K sensor, which boasts an impressive 42,000 DPI and a maximum tracking speed of 750 IPS. This advanced technology offers gamers the precision and responsiveness they need to thrive in competitive esports scenes. ROG also assures users that this sensor minimizes CPI deviation to just 1%, ensuring accurate on-screen representation of in-game movements.

Ergonomic Design and Satisfying Click Feedback

Gaming sessions can be intense, and comfort is essential. The Moon Blade 2 ACE delivers with its right-handed ergonomic design tailored for hours of gaming without strain. The mouse also debuts ROG’s first optical micro-switches, which not only provide a satisfying click feel but also an impressive lifespan of 100 million clicks.

Weight: Effortless Control and Reduced Fatigue

In the world of gaming, weight is a significant factor. By incorporating eco-friendly bio-based nylon materials and optimizing the PCB layout, ROG has achieved an incredibly lightweight design of only 55 grams. This innovation translates to effortless control and reduced fatigue during marathon gaming sessions.

Connectivity Options: Wired, Wireless, or Bluetooth

The Moon Blade 2 ACE caters to various connection preferences. It offers a wired Type-C connection, wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, and 2.4GHz wireless technology. For those who prefer a wireless connection, the Moon Blade 2 ACE boasts impressive specifications: ROG’s SpeedNova technology reduces latency and improves stability, while return rate acceleration technology allows for a blazing-fast wireless 4K polling rate (in addition to an 8K wired polling rate). Multi-device pairing is also effortless thanks to ROG’s Omni technology.


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